The development of China's drying equipment industry hidden worry Product quality and corporate core competitiveness are to be improved

At present, the conventional drying equipment needed in the domestic market, and the main drying equipment needed in the international market, can basically be manufactured by ourselves. This shows that the history of drying equipment imported from China is already over. However, there are still some problems and hidden concerns.

Existing problems According to the prediction of China General Machinery Association for Drying Machinery, in the next few years, the demand for drying equipment in China's chemical industry will reach 3,000 sets (sets); the annual demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach 3,000 sets (sets); agriculture and forestry The annual demand for drying equipment used in industries such as grain, light industry and light industry is expected to reach around 5,000 (sets). At present, the domestic market share of drying equipment in China has reached more than 80%. It is estimated that during the tenth five-year period, the domestic market share of drying equipment will reach over 90%. At present, the existing problems are highlighted by two areas: regional concentration and weak technological innovation.

The majority of the production enterprises in China that distribute the drying equipment industry in China are gradually derived from the early enterprises in the industry. The geographical location is relatively concentrated, and the personnel structure is seriously flawed. So far, companies are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Liaoning and Heilin. Enterprises in these regions account for almost 50% of the total number of industries. In stark contrast to this, at present there are still some areas in China Drying equipment manufacturers. Intense competition in the industry, some companies focus on immediate interests, the lack of system development ideas, the overall quality of the slow increase, seriously hampered the normal development of the industry.

After the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's economic growth potential has been effectively released. The supply and demand relationship formed by the shortage economy has undergone a fundamental change, and the buyer's market has initially taken shape. Under the pressure of the buyer's market, some companies are chasing the market rather than looking for and exploiting the market. The company's energy is focused on the products that have more market demand and mature in the near future. Therefore, in the oven, vibrating fluidized bed, spray dryer and other products, the manufacturers are more concentrated and the competition is fierce. There are fewer companies engaged in the development of drying equipment in the industry. The improvement of new products and the introduction of new products mainly rely on mutual imitation.

At present, China's drying equipment market is dominated by medium and low-tech products, and increasingly fierce competition requires that our enterprises must improve their product quality through technological advancement, absorption of foreign advanced technologies, and independent innovation in order to meet production needs. From the development direction of drying equipment at home and abroad in recent years, there are mainly the following trends:

1. Comprehensive application of several types of heat transfer, so as to make use of the advantages of various forms of heat transfer in different stages of drying, so that the equipment can be used more reasonably.

2. Large-scale development of equipment. Any production has the best economic scale, and the amplification technology of drying equipment can guarantee large-scale production. Therefore, the large-scale research of equipment is one of the development directions in the future.

3, drying equipment specialization. Drying equipment is a non-standard equipment, which is known to all people. The reason why non-standard equipment mainly deals with the material properties and product requirements are very different, so there is a true right design of drying equipment can play its role, from the technology To the economy has a certain significance.

4. Development of multi-stage and combined drying systems. Different types of drying equipment can be applied to different materials or can be applied to different drying stages of the materials. Combined drying can maximize the optimization of the drying process and make the drying system more reasonable.

5. The multifunctionality of the equipment. Nowadays, the drying equipment is not only limited to the drying operation, but sometimes the smashing, grading and even heating reactions are gathered in a single machine, which greatly shortens the production process and makes the equipment more versatile.

Development proposal adopts advanced technology to improve product quality There is still a certain gap between the drying equipment technology in China and the developed countries in the world. At present, medium and low-tech products dominate the market. After China's accession to the WTO, there will be more international counterparts entering the domestic market. With the ever-increasing international competition, we will face enormous pressure from competition. The world-famous drying equipment manufacturers, such as the Danish Nilu Group, Japan's Okawara Corporation, have already established branch offices in China to seize the Chinese market.

As the process of economic globalization accelerates, more multinational companies will shift their goals to the Chinese market. The increasingly fierce competition requires that our enterprises must improve their product quality through technological advancement, the absorption of advanced foreign technology, and independent innovation. The idea of ​​product development should focus on the large-scale equipment, the degree of automation of control, the surface treatment quality of equipment, and the selection of corrosion-resistant materials, and develop multi-functional combined machines to promote the continuous extension of the product life cycle. Industry associations should organize more enterprises to participate in international technical exchanges, absorb the latest technological achievements, and accelerate the improvement of the industry-wide technology level.

Adjusting the corporate structure and cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises The characteristics of the dry industry in China are that the enterprises are not large, weak, specialized, and unrefined, and the quantity is large but the overall quality is not high; most enterprises are underdeveloped and do not meet the appropriate economies of scale and should pass the industry association. Conduct guidance and coordination to change the situation of blind development. Relatively concentrated enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai can consider the use of joint ventures, cooperation, and acquisitions to migrate to the central and western regions in search of a broader space for corporate survival and development. Enterprises in the industry should take the road of strong alliances and develop large companies and enterprise groups with strong technical strength, well-known brands, and independent intellectual property rights in the industry. Form your own specialty products and special services.

China's drying equipment manufacturers have low innovation capabilities. There are few companies that can introduce new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights. This is an important reason for the slow development of drying technology in China. At present, there are dozens of universities and research institutes in China that are engaged in research and development of drying technology. They are distributed in the east, west, north and south of China, but most of the knowledge achievements have not been effectively translated into actual productivity. Enterprises must become the main body of technological innovation and should directly cooperate with these universities and research institutes in various forms to make resources be reasonably allocated and utilized, and to effectively cultivate and develop the innovative capabilities of enterprises.

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