Below 0°C, the water truck no longer works on the street

Yesterday, the hot spring sanitation department said that in order to reduce the impact of road dust on people's travel, the urban area will use the sprinkler three times a day, and the weather below 0°C will no longer be sprinkled.

“The weather is cold and the streets are prone to ice after the streets are sprinkling water. Pedestrians are wary of falling.” Recently, the citizen Wang suggested that the sanitation department could adjust the working hours of the sprinklers.

In addition, the water pressure of the greening sprinkler is relatively large, affecting people's travel and vehicle driving order.

The person in charge of Lei San, a hot spring sanitation department, said that the sanitation operations are mainly to reduce air pollution and clean up road waste, and generally the temperature will be sprayed above 0°C. At present, the urban areas use high-pressure flushers and sewage suction trucks. The sprinklers carry dust and sediments to the side of the road and are cleaned up by sanitation workers. Some heavily polluted sections will also be deployed with sprinklers for cleaning.

At present, urban sprinklers work once in a rainy day and sunny three times. In order to avoid the peak of people's travel, the sanitation department stipulates that the sunny watering truck completes the first sanitation operation before 7 o'clock in the morning, followed by working hours at 9 o'clock and 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

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