The temperature in the southern region is as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The rain sprinkler in the northern rain weather is only used for road dredging.

We have been thinking about a problem. On rainy days, on the street, it is reasonable to say that there is no need for a sprinkler to help moisten the ground and reduce the burden of high temperatures on the tires of vehicles. However, it is worth pondering whether the sprinkler is spraying water on the road as usual on a rainy day. We learned online that the sprinkler sprinkles water on rainy days to dredge the road in time, and the water used is medium water and culvert water, not what we call tap water.

We learned that raining water is a timely measure to remove silt and ensure road cleanliness. If these muds are not cleaned in time, the tires will become very weak after fine weather, affect the traffic and cleanliness on the road, and choose rainwater. Weather scouring can have a multiplier effect. There is a good saying that “sprinkling water three times in the sunny days is not as good as the rain,” and there is no waste of water. Give people a good driving environment.

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