Green watering truck tells you how to protect the body paint film

Green sprinkler and many specialty cars, the appearance of the car body professional to do very glamorous, body paint looks smooth and bright, plump, bright color. This is mainly used by automotive manufacturers advanced coating technology, including cathodic electrodeposition coating, intermediate coating, topcoat and so on. Once these processes leave the production line, they are difficult to implement on decentralized repair stations. Therefore, once the car body paint film is destroyed, it is difficult to repair to the original. This requires better protection of the car body paint film, and should pay attention to matters.

1) Avoid strong impacts, bumps, or scratches on the paint film. Pay particular attention to avoid scratching hard objects in the vehicle.

2) When scrubbing, use a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Wipes and sponges should be mixed with metal shavings, sand, etc. so as not to scratch the paint film.

3) Do not wipe the surface with a cloth with an organic solvent, and do not put the cloth or object on the surface of the paint film.

4) Do not let people use dirty hands to touch the body paint film, because the dirt on the hand will also damage the paint film, and dirty fingerprints remain on the paint film is also difficult to remove.

5) Cars should be parked in a garage or shaded area to avoid sunlight exposure and freezing.

6) If there is no major damage, do not do secondary painting easily to prevent the paint from coming off.

7) When flushing the vehicle, use as little alkaline water as possible. If alkali water is used, it should be rinsed with water in a timely manner to prevent alkali corrosion of the paint film.


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