Daily maintenance of mixer lights

Regular maintenance of the lights of the mixer truck is very important for drivers. This not only affects the overall appearance of the mixer, but also directly relates to the driving safety of the driver. According to the different power of the lamp, the lamp bulb is also divided into several types, but regardless of the type of lamp, the maintenance method is similar.
The large light bulb at the front of the mixer truck should be replaced and inspected regularly. After a certain time and distance, the brightness of the light bulb will be weakened, affecting normal driving. At this time, the school must stop checking the lights. If the brightness of the lamp is reduced, it is best to replace the lamp. It is recommended to replace the two together to avoid uneven brightness on both sides.
After the car has been used for a long time, the lampshade will have other problems such as aging or getting dirty, which will lead to dim and dim lighting, affect nighttime roads and endanger the driver's driving safety. It is equally important for the rear end, etc., which has the effect of reminding the rear vehicle to maintain the distance.

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