Precautions when cleaning the engine for the suction truck

Precautions when cleaning the engine for the suction truck

If we clean the engine of our suction truck , what should we pay attention to?
Here are some points to note when talking about small sewage suction trucks :
I. When cleaning metal parts on the engine surface, use a metal polish or a paint micro-cutting abrasive for cleaning, but plastic or rubber parts are not allowed to use this method.
II. When cleaning the surface of the engine, flush the washed dirt before it is air-dried; otherwise, use a semi-wet towel for construction.
III. After cleaning the engine surface, the moisture should be completely removed before the coating process. If moisture is deposited on the surface of the wet component, the protective agent will volatilize after the moisture under the protective agent volatilizes.
IV. Sewage Cart Engine Before coating the coating, re-wrap the non-original line and then polish the engine.
V. The cleaned engine should thoroughly dry the circuit system before starting.
VI. After the completion of the construction, the exterior of the Dongfeng Sewage Pump engine shall be inspected and remedial measures shall be taken for the missing places.

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