The energy saving effect of adding vortex fins to COSCO shipping ships is obvious

Recently, COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd. installed the vortex fin (PBCF) in the Happiness Pine Wheel Test to reduce the tail bubble of the propeller and reduce the cavitation effect, thereby enhancing the hydrodynamic performance and improving the propulsion efficiency. After repeated trials and multi-party evaluations, it is considered that the technical performance of the happy pine wheel after the addition of the vortex fin is better than that of the same type of ship, which can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and the investment is small and the return is fast.
The vortex fin is a kind of marine propeller hydrodynamic energy-saving device for adding the same number of propeller blades to the propeller general cap to eliminate the vortex energy of the propeller hub. In order to do a good job in the installation of vortex fins for ships, COSCO Shipping and Boat Management Department has done a good job in pre-technical research, “resolving problems as performance” and “scientific and technological innovation, energy-saving and efficiency” as the overall idea to build energy-saving green ships. Ensure that the unit energy consumption of each ship design is in the best condition, and strive to make small things into fine products.
In every aspect of vortex fin product development, hydrostatic testing and actual navigation, COSCO Shipping and Boat Management Department sent special personnel to follow up, rigorous research and collect a large amount of data. The test of the Happiness Pine Wheel shows that in the static water state, 4.3% of the energy-saving effect is achieved in the ballast state; the same displacement is compared, and the energy-saving effect is 5.6%. The actual ship operation process of Happiness Pine Wheel shows that in the case of continuous service power (CSR), the speed of this ship is increased by 0.6 knots and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 3% than other ships of the same series without vortex fins. At the optimal host speed of 110RPM, the power consumption of the same series of ships is reduced by 127KW, the daily fuel consumption of the main engine is reduced by 0.53 tons, and the actual energy consumption of the main engine is 2.7%. The comprehensive benefits are obvious.
It is reported that the technical achievements will be promoted and applied in the existing ships and newbuildings of COSCO Shipping, and strive for greater energy-saving effectiveness and economic benefits for the company's fleet.

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