Implementation of the State IV: Delphi entered the time

In the completed 767 customer engineering projects, the resulting defect rate is 2 parts per million (2 PPM), and the positive delivery rate in the logistics system is 95%, which is the leading technology of Delphi.

With more than 60 years of history, Delphi Commercial Vehicles has won worldwide honors for its range of products and technologies in the light, mid-size, heavy-duty, and non-road machinery markets. However, in the commercial battle in the domestic market in recent years, Delphi has obviously lagged behind the market leader in the supply system of diesel engine core components such as the common rail fuel injection system. Is technology-leading Delphi unable to make a difference in the market? With such doubts, the reporter recently spoke with Mr. Gleneagle Cogendorf, Vice President of Global Commercial Vehicle Sales at Delphi.

Prepare for commercial vehicle products

“Although China’s commercial vehicles have seen explosive growth in the past, the market’s demand for technology is still relatively low. Delphi is now starting to increase its efforts in the Chinese market because China’s commercial vehicle market has begun to enter the middle and high-end technology products. The demand phase." This may be the answer of Gleneagles Cogentdorf. In other words, after China's commercial vehicles have entered the fourth stage of the country, it is the time when Delphi can really shake off their arms.

We know that security, environmental protection, and interconnection are the three major directions of Delphi's efforts after the reorganization. In the field of commercial vehicles, Delphi also pays attention to four factors: vehicle performance, cost, application reliability, and product durability. Gleneagle Cogendorf said Delphi’s commercial vehicle product R&D strategy has two directions. One is a product developed specifically for commercial vehicles, and the other is based on Delphi’s technology and solutions in the passenger vehicle market. , Through enhanced durability and other measures, make them suitable for commercial vehicles and applied to the commercial vehicle market.

For this reason, Delphi has apparently accelerated its pace in the Chinese market. In the past two years, Delphi has increased investment in R&D and production capacity of gasoline and diesel engine management systems, including investing in setting up Delphi's first diesel engine management system in the Asia-Pacific region and newly completed petrol in Beijing in Yantai. Engine Management System R&D and production base expansion. Currently in China, Delphi has 26 operating agencies, among which are Delphipak's production base in Shanghai Anting and Delphi's Suzhou production base, which produces commercial vehicle products. Delphi has invested more than US$500 million in China.

Build win-win relationship with customers based on technological advantages

Not long ago, Delphi's F2e ultrahigh-pressure heavy-duty diesel common rail system won the highest honor in the global automotive technology - the United States PACE Award, this is Delphi's leading side in the diesel system technology. From a technical perspective, Delphi’s strengths are focused on combustion control. Greger Cogentdorf revealed that Delphi’s main technology and advantages are in combustion control, such as in Delphi's fuel injection system. One is the control of pressure, the other is the accuracy of injection time, and the other is The control of fuel injection, the overall ECU control has always been Delphi's strengths.

With the corresponding top-level technology, how to market, especially how to combine Delphi's other advanced technologies for modular promotion, which many users want to know. "Delphi is already providing safety products to commercial vehicle customers in Europe because European regulations mandate the installation of such functions and products on trucks. We believe that active safety products will be applied more to future commercial vehicles." Gregg Rui Kegendorf said that in the Chinese market, Delphi’s strategy is first to provide corresponding products for emission standards; second is to introduce the electrical architecture of vehicles because vehicles are becoming more and more complex and more intelligent. The requirements for electrical architecture are getting higher and higher; the third is products that increase the safety of commercial vehicles, including cameras and a variety of radar scans, such as 76-Hertz radar.

Delphi develops products as well as products. Talking about the win-win development with customers, Glengrave Cogendorf said: "When Delphi works with clients, it doesn't sit there waiting for customers to place orders, but communicates with customers to understand their needs, and then According to the needs of customers to develop products that meet their needs. In the process, Delphi not only sells products to customers, but also cooperates with customers in technology to help customers improve their own technical strength."

Open market situation with high-end products

"Common-rail systems are still relatively low-end systems. Delphi's strengths are concentrated in high-end and mid-range products." Gleneagle Cogentov said, "The Chinese market has now begun to advance to the mid-to-high-end market, with four countries. The implementation of the five-nation, six-nation, and six-nation standards has now been enhanced. Delphi has also begun to increase investment. We have begun to establish a production base for diesel engine production systems in Yantai. This is a reflection of this strategy."

When it comes to Chinese customers, especially the rapid development of the commercial vehicle market, Gleneagle Cogentov expressed his understanding. He said: “In the global market, including the commercial vehicle market, there is such a challenge, that is, the speed of research and development. It needs to be faster and deliver to customers faster, which will reduce the cost of the product, because the commercial vehicle itself is to make money for the people who use it.” Delphi’s development strategy in the Chinese commercial vehicle market is focused on helping in the following areas: The customer improves from the technical level: the first is the engine management system, the second is the electrical architecture of the car, and the third is to improve the safety performance of commercial vehicles. "Overall, the technology that we push forward based on the needs of the market is different," said Gleneagles Cogentdorf.

There are two such data in the reporter’s hands that may represent Delphi’s determination in the Chinese market: Currently, Delphi’s Asia Pacific region accounts for 18% of global sales. The goal is to increase this share to 30%; A production capacity of diesel system products is placed in China. In this regard, Gleneagle Cogendorf said that the general direction is such a set, but also need to step by step according to market demand.

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