Greening sprinkler operating instructions

Greening sprinkler operating instructions

Prepare the sprinkler for operation

1. The auto part is checked and prepared according to the process.
2. Select the appropriate water intake location and water conditions.
3. Inspect each water pipe component for looseness, breakage, air leakage, and blockage.
4. Close all outlets when squeezing.
5. When the
sprinkler is not pumping water in the pumping operation, inject proper amount of water from the water inlet into the pump.

Sprinkler operation and driving requirements

1. When pumping, start the engine first. When the pressure rises to 6 MPa, step on the clutch and hang the power take off switch. Then slowly release the clutch and start the pump. You can increase the throttle slowly according to the pumping speed. Push the throttle.
2. Spraying operations should control the amount of water and speed as required to maintain a constant speed.
3. In accordance with the spraying requirements, open the front spray, the rear spray, the side spray, and the antiaircraft gun.
4. After the job is completed, close the intercom valve, and on the other side of the intercommunion valve, the other side is closed.

Post-job requirements

If the sprinkler truck is not used for a short period of time after operation, the water in the tank should be drained to prevent rust.
2. When the temperature is lower than 0°C, drain the water from the water tank, pipe and water pump on the daily operation waist to avoid freezing the body.

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