·Automobile sales prices are upside down by serious dealers or class actions

On November 17, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce issued an open letter in Beijing, urging auto suppliers to take practical measures to solve the problem of car sales price inversion.
Wang Wei, assistant to the Secretary General of the Dealers Chamber of Commerce and director of the Ministry of Industry, said that in recent years, more and more car dealers have experienced price inversion problems. Especially in 2014, the problem of price inversion has become increasingly serious and has become a common phenomenon in the automobile circulation industry.
According to reports, in a dealer survey conducted by the dealers' association a few days ago, almost all dealers reflected the problem of price inversion. At present, in addition to luxury brands such as Porsche, some high-end brands, including Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have experienced price inversion problems, and the low-end brands are relatively more serious. Among them, the most serious models of upside down, the price difference even reached 19.5%.
Zhu Kongyuan, executive deputy secretary-general of the dealers' association, said that the relevant materials have been submitted to the Legal Department of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. In the next step, the Chamber of Commerce will set up a legal work committee to take legal measures on behalf of dealers to collectively defend their rights with auto suppliers.
The sales price of the car is upside down, that is, the sales price of the new car is lower than the purchase price of the dealer. Wang Wei said that the price inversion problem is mainly caused by a serious overcapacity of auto suppliers, which is caused by unreasonable business policies of dealers and dealer financing. Not only threaten the survival and development of auto dealers, but also seriously affect the development prospects of the auto industry, and ultimately will damage the rights and interests of consumers.
It is reported that industry data from Beijing Beichen Asian Games Village auto trading market and other places show that this year, dealers' expectations for profit decline month by month, especially in the third quarter, many brand dealers unanimously refused to purchase goods, abandoning rebates. Self-protection.
In August this year, some media learned through unannounced visits that 13 Dongfeng Honda dealers in Beijing have stopped entering the factory to show their dissatisfaction with the manufacturer's subsidy policy. In the eyes of the industry, if the market situation continues to deteriorate, I am afraid that it will repeat the mistakes of the entire industry in 2012.
At present, the revised draft of the "Automobile Brand Management Measures" led by the Ministry of Commerce is in the process of being drafted. An industry insider who has been involved in the revision of the automobile brand management method said that although the new "Car Brand Approach" retains the manufacturer's authorization mechanism, it has weakened the brand, and the focus is on stipulating some fair trade principles. Some of the rules for breaking the monopoly, such as tying and manufacturers' strong demand for dealers to complete sales, are all involved.
It is believed that after the introduction of the new "Automobile Brand Management Measures", it will provide certain policy support for resolving price inversion and improving dealer status.
This time, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce issued six initiatives to car suppliers and car dealers, the original is as follows:
First, the main reason for the price inversion problem is the serious overcapacity of auto suppliers. Therefore, it is recommended that auto suppliers plan their production capacity reasonably to avoid a serious overcapacity.
Second, the unreasonable business policies and tying behavior of automobile suppliers, the binding of group target assessment, and the abuse of market dominance have pushed up the operating costs of auto dealers, which is an important reason for the inversion of automobile sales prices. Therefore, it is recommended that auto suppliers strictly abide by the "Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China" and do not abuse market dominance.
Third, it is recommended that auto suppliers should respect the equal cooperation relationship with auto dealers, and must not force auto dealers to over-stock the vehicles for various reasons, so that auto dealers can bear additional inventory and financial pressure. Affect the healthy and sustainable development of car dealers.
Fourth, the auto dealer's own operating capacity is weak, and the high cost of financing also causes the price to hang up to some extent. Therefore, it is recommended that auto dealers should pay attention to their own profitability construction, improve their service quality and reduce operating costs; it is recommended that auto suppliers strengthen training for auto dealers and improve their operational capabilities.
5. Automobile dealers should say no to the unreasonable behavior of automobile suppliers, such as excessive sales tasks, tying of slow-moving vehicles, group target assessment and other binding; bare-car without gross margin should refuse to purchase, not for short-term benefits. And false report sales.
6. As a representative of the interests of member companies, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce will use legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of automobile dealers when necessary.

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