Rongruida Steam Flow Measurement Solution

Rongruida Steam Flow Measurement Solution

Shenzhen Rongruida Co., Ltd. focused on flow meter research for 12 years and tailored flow measurement solutions for customers. Our flowmeters are highly accurate and accurate, and are certified by the China Academy of Metrology Science. It has obtained the verification certificates from third-party inspections such as the "Foshan Quality Measurement Supervision and Inspection Center" and "Guangzhou Energy Inspection Institute". Accurate traffic, Taiwan and Taiwan are the promise of our customers. Saturated steam metering solutions Saturated steam metering solutions: Steam is one of the most important sources of energy for industrial production and the main source of heat for urban centralized heating. It is an extremely important economic indicator for the costing of enterprises and institutions. The correctness of steam flow metering is directly related to the economic benefits of steam supply and use.

The flow rate of steam is related to the density of steam, and the density of steam varies with the temperature and pressure of steam. Therefore, in the steam flow metering must be a reasonable introduction of temperature and pressure parameters, to correct the density in order to improve the correctness of the steam flow measurement, reduce the measurement error.

A considerable part of the metering device in steam flow metering is not compensated for temperature and pressure; some of them introduce compensation, but the compensation method is not correct, but the measurement error is increased.

Vapor-saturated steam and superheated steam have different steam densities at the same pressure because of different steam properties. Therefore, the measurement methods used in the measurement of steam flow are also different. According to the nature of the steam to be measured, a reasonable selection of measuring instruments, meters and compensation methods.

Saturated steam metering should be selected pressure or temperature single parameter compensation.

Compared with conventional heating methods such as heat transfer oil calorimeter, heat conduction liquid heating and direct heating and steam heating, it has the advantages of energy saving, uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, low operating pressure, and safety and convenience. Therefore, this century Since the beginning of the year, the development and application of foreign heat transfer fluids has been developing rapidly. It has been widely used in various heating systems in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical fiber, textile, light industry, building materials, metallurgy, grain, oil and food processing industries.

In order to accurately measure heat consumption of the heat transfer oil, metering system consisting of VM vortex flow sensor (high temperature, split body)/PT100 (or PT1000) platinum thermal resistance and RD2000 thermal logger shall be used for measurement.

Brass material is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass made of copper and zinc is called common brass.Brass has strong wear resistance, and it is used to make valves, water pipes, internal and external machine connection pipes and radiators.

CNC Turning Machining brass is the workpiece is fixed on the lathe, using high speed rotating machine drives the workpiece to turning. tool on the workpiece so the product shape is round.The processing materials are commonly used in steel. The machining precision is 0.01mmand concentric 0.01mm of the CNC turning machining. we have specialized equipment to test products, these instruments include: TESA Grohe, micrometer, projector, calipers. Product surface treatment has polishing,brushing,sand blasting, plating, laser engraving LOGO, etc.

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