High and low temperature alternating humidity test chamber operation attention 4 points

High and low temperature alternating damp heat test box is suitable for inspecting electrical and electronic products, components, parts and their materials under different temperature and humidity conditions, their resistance to moisture, but also can be used as storage, transportation and use in high and low temperature environment adaptability test.
The high-low temperature alternating damp heat test box pays attention to the following points during the operation and use:

1. The supply environment of the laboratory with the best installation site provided by the supplier is required to provide power supply in the area of ​​additional voltage (standard source: 380V/50HZ)
2. The non-explosion-proof products of the high-low temperature alternating humidity test chamber can not be used for the following substances or the following substances in the process of use: Nitrognetyl alcohol (ethylene glycol dinitrate), Nitroglycerine (Glycerol trinitrate) Ester, nitrocellulose, and other explosives; nitrates, trinitrobenzene, trinitrotoluene, trinitrophenol (picric acid) and other explosive nitro compounds, peracetic acid, methyl ethyl ketone Peroxides, benzoyl peroxide, and other organic peroxides and pyrophorics.
3, wiring must be correct, we must implement grounding. Non-grounding can cause electric shocks, accidents with incorrect actions, abnormal display, or large errors in measurements.
4. In order to avoid electric shock or mistakes and malfunctions, please do not connect the power supply until the device and wiring are completed. In addition, self-assembly, processing, transformation, or repairs are prohibited, otherwise there is a risk of abnormal actions, electric shocks, or fire.
During the experiment of high and low temperature alternating damp heat test box, if there is no special need, please do not open the door at random; ensure that the equipment box is ventilated and there is no abnormal sound; for the continuous and reasonable use of the instrument, please correct the instrument regularly And the maintenance of the whole machine.

Auto-Gripper Under overhead-crane

The special-purpose gripper used in traditional Spun Pile production industry.

The special-purpose gripper is suitable for spinning and curing place of spun pile production flow.

The application scope of special-purpose gripper:φ300---φ600 standard Spun Pile Mould ,Length 15m and below.

Auto-gripper of crane for spun pile mold


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