Big data brings new business opportunities to new business opportunities

The rise of China's Internet can be said to be very rapid. After only 20 years of development, it has now spread to everyone's life. According to statistics, there are currently 4 million websites in China, 1.3 billion mobile phone users, and more than 600 million Internet users. The number of Internet users is far ahead of other countries. The rise of the Internet platform has brought new consumer demand to consumers, which has boosted the national economy. In the face of this trend, lighting companies should actively grasp, seriously think about, and make full use of mobile marketing to help enterprises Changhong. New media marketing helps expand the channels of the enterprise in the Internet era. With the emergence of new platforms, the marketing model of lighting companies is gradually keeping pace with the times, and the lighting e-commerce is also rapidly emerging. Among them, big data plays an important role. . Not only business people, but even government officials have mentioned the importance of big data in various conferences. Indeed, big data has brought a wide range of imagination to business, creating possibilities for many things that were impossible in the past, but the use of big data has not yet been standardized, and lighting companies must use big data, in addition to To clear its stage, it is necessary to combine its own actual situation. Big data brings business opportunities to lighting companies. The era of big data is coming. If lighting companies want to develop, they have to make good use of this platform. Only by effectively integrating platform resources can more different businesses and products be visually displayed in consumption. In front of people, in this way, consumers are also sellers. This mode can greatly reduce the difficulty of communication. The value of the big data era is more transparent. In particular, enterprises that integrate into the lamp e-commerce model will bring huge impacts on industrial upgrading. It will also be nothing to Bailey. According to industry insiders, through the visual presentation of big data, lighting companies can find out the relevance of owners to brand choices. Brands with high correlations can actively unite to provide preferential marketing or service interaction for owners to truly meet the needs of consumers. . For example, the website found through big data statistics that owners who prefer a certain brand may have a higher chance of choosing other specific brands. If these brands are jointly marketed, they will naturally meet the needs of the owners and have a multiplier effect.

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Weichai diesel engine in the original German absorb advanced technology and developed its own development and design, through the optimization of the fuel system, air into the drainage system, cooling system and other improvements, to the special requirements of turbines with higher reliability and better supporting adaptability, has now become a fixed station standby power, high-frequency aviation power plants, special power supplies ideal power generators.

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