Kumho Tire: Adhere to the high-end customized route

From February 7th to 8th, 2015, Kumho Tire China Distributor Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. At the time of Spring Festival of the Year of the Sheep, over one hundred first-tier distributors and Kumho companies from across the country gathered together to Very high enthusiasm participated in this event. The conference summarized the outstanding performance of Kumho Tire in the past year, and exchanged on key tasks such as sales plan and product promotion in 2015, customer satisfaction enhancement, and brand promotion.

Kumho Tire China Dealer Conference Successfully Held in Shanghai
Kumho Tire China Dealer Conference Successfully Held in Shanghai

In 2014, Kumho Tire not only achieved impressive sales performance in China, but also demonstrated its strength in new product R&D, quality management and after-sales service.

In 2014, due to stable and reliable quality and excellent product performance, Kumho Tire has been favored by many car manufacturers, and the original matching car models ranks among the best in the entire tire industry. In addition, the supporting models have gone upstairs, and the original tires have been supplied to luxury cars such as the German Mercedes-Benz, the US Chrysler, and the German BMW.

Kumho Tire, which has a forward-looking strategic vision, has already been keenly aware that the domestic consumer's love for European cars is increasing day by day, and the demand for tire performance is further enhanced. Therefore, in August 2014, Kumho Tire launched three new customized products for the Chinese market: Wing Chi ECSTA HS81, Shu Le Chi SOLUS HS61, Shu Le Chi SOLUS HS21. Once launched, new products quickly gained recognition from Chinese consumers and achieved good sales performance. In 2015, Kumho Tire will continue to follow the high-end customization route and continue to launch high-tech and highly competitive products for Chinese consumers.

At the same time, the strategy of Kumho Tire at the brand communication level has also been continuously upgraded, from the continuous sponsorship of professional auto races to the invitation of Chinese golfer Feng Shanshan to endorse the Kumho brand and then to various social welfare activities. Lake Tire has further established a good reputation and brand image among consumers.

It is worth mentioning that Kumho Tire, with its forward-looking vision, fully grasped the market trend. In the second half of last year, it invited internationally renowned movie stars Li Minyi and Liu Yifei as dual spokespersons. It not only blended young fashion and speed passion into the brand's genes, but also succeeded. It attracted the attention of many young Chinese consumers.

At the dealer conference site, the new spokesperson for Kumho Tires also expressed blessings to the participating dealers through the video, which further strengthened the distributors' sales confidence. For the new brand image created after the launch of the well-known spokesperson, dealers have expressed high recognition and are very optimistic about the sales prospects of Kumho Tire in 2015.

The machine frame adopts the manufacturing process of integral welding and overall tempering to achieve better precision and strength. It is equipped with 5 drilling heads to produce all kinds of brushes.The machine has wide application range, high processing speed, high output and good stability. It is also equiped with the human-machine touch screen control system, Chinese and English display, and the large amount of memory for editing simple brush program. The operation is flexible and convenient. All the parts are designed according to the standard, the hair mouth, the plucking knife and the needle are designed according to European standards, and all the parts of the same series can be used by each other. As for the colour, both two colour or single colour wire are available, the machine can be drilled and planted separately. Finally, the machine`s parts has long service life for it is installed with the automatic lubrication system.

Technical Parameters:

Model: LBS70

Workbench axis number (axis): 5

Production speed (hole / min): ≦450

Number of stations (a):6

Tufting head range (mm): 70

filament length range (mm) :50-280

Brush plate maximum length (mm) :600

Hole diameter range (mm): 2.2-8

Rated voltage\frequency (V.Hz): 380.50

Machine Power (KW): 4.5

Air source input pressure (Mpa) :0.8

Weight (kg): 3000

Dimensions (L*W*H) mm: L2770*W2100*H2100

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