Dadai accepts annual target responsibility assessment of provincial companies in Datong

On February 10th, 2015, the annual responsibility assessment team for provincial enterprises in Datong was deeply involved in the company and conducted a field visit to the company's 2014 target responsibilities. Zhang Zemin, leader of the Grand Teeth Company, received the assessment team.

The annual target responsibility assessment is that the Datong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government earnestly implemented the relevant provisions of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government's target responsibility assessment and the “Implementation Rules for 2014 Annual Target Responsibility of Provincial Enterprises in the Hosting Countries”, aiming at the annual targets of the provincial enterprises in the same countries. Assessment.

At the assessment meeting, Ding Guohua, deputy secretary of the Datong Municipal Law Committee and head of the assessment team, focused on the significance, goals, scope, and assessment steps of the current target responsibility assessment. Mr. Zhang Zemin, deputy party secretary of the Grand Tooth Company, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union, described the completion of the task indicators of the target responsibility assessment work, and combined the company’s production and management main tasks such as market development, quality improvement, cost reduction, efficiency increase, and management upgrade. The work was briefly reported.

At the meeting, the appraisal team conducted on-site democratic assessments, and consulted financial statements and other relevant data for the completion of work objectives such as “main economic indicators” and “resident service targets”. A total of 52 representatives from the middle-ranking cadres, model workers, representatives of the People's Political Consultative Conference of the National People's Congress, and employees' representatives of the Grand Tooth Company participated in the assessment.

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